Single Point of Reference

Competencies are the cornerstones of the effective program

  • Backroom with Proven Processes and Licensing
  • Proprietary Case Management, Analysis, and Illustration Technology
  • Help Desk
  • Industry Experience & Leadership (Legislation)
  • Attorneys
  • Technical Expertise (JD, CPCU, CLU, FLMI, CSSC)
  • Council of Advisors (Life Care Planner, Economist, Trust & Public Benefits Attorneys)

Analysis & Support
Analysis & Support establishes the parameters for disciplined negaotiation

  • Proven Claim-Focused Service Model
  • Economic Damage Evaluation
    • Future Cost of Care
    • Lost Earnings
  • Development of Compensation Grids for Mass Torts
  • Mortality Underwriting
  • Damage Summary Reports
  • Mediation/Settlement Conference Attendance

Settlement Solutions
Settlement Solution Engineering focuses the negotiation process on the fundamental needs of the injured party (as revealed during Analysis & Support)

  • Structured Settlement Annuities
  • Caregiver Life Product
  • Trusts (Special Needs)
  • Tax Issues (Estate)
  • Other Financial Products & Services

Standardized closing process and appropriate documentation accurately memorializes the rights and duties of the parties

  • Release
  • Qualified Assignment
  • Trusts/Guardianship/Probate


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