Mass Tort Services

LMA understands the challenges mass tort attorneys face with communicating to a class of victims.  Accordingly, our approach to mass torts includes a settlement fund administration, claimant education and distribution program that helps ensure each client is advised about: 

  • structured settlements;
  • the impact of accepting settlement proceeds on eligibility for government benefits like Medicaid, which have strict financial eligibility requirements; and,
  • the taxation of damages

There is no doubt that a client's options regarding the above can be - and often are - eliminated or severely complicated when the client takes constructive receipt of the settlement proceeds.  By helping to prevent "communication breakdown", our mass tort services benefit the victims as well as the attorneys.  Moreover, LMA's services do not add costs or time delays to the settlement process.

Additionally, on appropriate cases, our mass tort services can include assistance on the front end of settlement with developing a compensation grid for the universe of claimants.

For more information about LMA's mass tort services, contact Karen Meyer at 513-871-8900.


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