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LMA's Settlement Asset Allocation Plan

Everyone wants to invest wisely, but if you have received settlement funds resulting from a personal injury or wrongful death, you may face an even greater challenge. Your settlement funds must cover a lifetime of needs that are vastly different from the average investor. LMA's unique Settlement Plans tackle the complex financial issues facing you.

Here's a description of LMA's Settlement Asset Allocation Plan.

Structured Settlement Annuities

A Structured Settlement Annuity is a way of resolving a claim, which can include up-front cash and a contractual series of periodic payments. The cash may be used for any expenses you may have incurred and the periodic payments can be designed to meet your future needs, such as

  • providing you with a monthly income for life
  • allocating funds for future medical expenses
  • allowing additional lump sum payments for expected future expenses
  • funding your children's education
  • planning your retirement

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